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Welcome to the worlds number 1 Audio Video enabled chat rooms.

Our goal is to have the friendliest chatrooms in the world. We welcome chatters from all over the world to the fun chatrooms of meet friends from all over the world. All chatrooms have the ability to carry out Private chat or private messaging live

We have a wide selection of live chat rooms catering to a wide cross section of people. Below is a brief description of each chat room and what you may find in here :

Webcam chat - If you have a mic and/or a webcam you can talk and see other chatters. Enjoy the clear picture and sound of our webcam chatroom.

Teenchat - The teen chat room is a fun chat room for teenagers where you can chat with your fellas from age 13 untill 17 years old. You can talk about school , your first love or anything related to your teenage world.

Singles Chat - Singles chat is a chatroom for singles who wish to chat with other singles and get to know each other in a fun chat room.

Adult Chat - This is a chatroom for Adults to chat who are over 18 . You can meet peoples from around the globe and make friends. Chat Jungle adult rooms is the sexiest chat room in net.

Love Chat - The love chat room is closely related to our free online dating site it's reference is more to romance and the feelings of romance.

Senior Chat - The senior chat is a room for senior chatters 40 and over. There are no set topics and everyone is free to chat in a free relaxed chat environment.

Sports Chat - This is a sporting chat room where any chat relating to sport is relevant. Anything from rugby chat , soccer chat , baseball chat , football chat . Any sports chat you love to chat about is welcomed here.

Games Chat - This is a video game chat for any games console , pc or video games you love. X box or playstation games or any other video games chat.

Music Chat - Love to chat about music , love music and want to share with others. Wide cross section of music chat from RnB , Pop music , Rock Music , Jazz Music and other music chat that you care to share.

College Chat - Still studying or in college and need to keep in touch with other like minded students. Then this is the room for you. Need to share study techniques or just talk about the pressures and stress of college life. Need somewhere to have fun and release the tension then this is the chatroom for you.

General Chat - This is the Seinfield chatroom. Basically a room about nothing. Drop in here to talk about nothing. Talk with lots of people about nothing but have fun doing it.

Computer Chat - computer chat is a chat for anything computer related. Having computer troubles and need help this is where you can find a expert. Want to chat about the latest computer cpu or the latest Linux release, this is the place to do it. Keep with the latest operating system release and system bugs.

Automotive Chat - Automotive chat is for car enthusiasts . Love cars and want to chat about cars with other car lovers. This chat room gives you the chance.

Trivia Chat - This chat room contains trivia games and competitions. Test your knowledge here and feels the fun.

Pet Chat - Love your pet , this is the place for you. Chat with other pet owners from around the globe. Our resident pet experts moderate this chat room. Maybe they can help you with your lovely pet problem.

Expat Chat - Expat Chat is for those working overseas or thinking of working overseas. There is an amazing amount of work opportunities overseas. Working overseas has advantages and it can also pose great challenges. Being part of a expat community helps to bridge the gap and forge solidarity and face the specific challenges of being a expat. Expat Chat is a great place for current expats to keep in touch and share experiences. It is also a great place for budding expats to seek advice and meet those already working overseas in a foreign country. What you learn could change your life.

This is a place for chat jungle chatters to share some stories , poems , problems, or even just want to say hi and keep in contact with all the chat jungle members when you dont have time to chat . You can see other, free. All you have to do is simply register with your user name and your valid email address, then as soon as you are registered you can post a new thread or to reply other threads.

Chat Jungle Chatter's Gallery - In the gallery you can see chat jungle chatter's pictures. To get to know people who we are talking to in chat rooms is very important to build good friendships. If you would like to put your picture online in the chatrooms please contact the webmaster for help.

Chat Jungle Pet Gallery - Pet Gallery is a nice place to see some pictures of our beloved pets and some animals taken by your camera and shared with other pet lovers from around the globe.

Chat Jungle Auto Gallery - This gallery is dedicated to all the chat jungle chatters who love automobiles. You can put your car's picture or may be you can put a picture of your dream cars in here. Please contact webmaster for more info.

Chat Jungle Emoticons List - There are more than 140 emoticons listed in chatjungle emoticons list. They look great , are cute, fully coloured and easy to use in the chatrooms to show how your mood is and emotion today. If you have any ideas and special requests for emoticons please contact webmaster for more info.

Chat Jungle Rules - Basic rules which are applied in chat jungle to keep the fun rolling for everyone.

Chat Jungle Contact - List of chat jungle contacts.

Chat Jungle Help - Help page that explains about how to set up the audio video chat in chat jungle. Basic rules for webcam or AV chat in chat jungle is turn off pop up blockers and make sure you have flash installed on your computer systems. If you are not sure you have flash installed in your computer, you can download it free from the front page ( there is a button right on the left bottom that goes to macromedia website ). If you still have a problem to set up your audio video please send your email to

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