Chat Jungle Pet's Gallery


Why Do So Many People Think Animals Are Angels? Animals provide spiritual qualities such as unconditional love, joy, healing, forgiveness, patience, courage, and gratitude -- virtues that are often lacking in our modern high-tech yet low-touch lives. Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un awakened."

In this Chat Jungle pet's galleries, wish we can share our lovely pet's picture, any other animal pictures that you taken or may be just one of your favorite picture from your album and collections. If you like to share your pet's picture, just send it to and it will be my pleasure to put it online for you .


Cute Cat


Shy chimpanzee


Kitten and Ducks


Puppy eyes




Tasmanian Devil




Milly - the sexy sheep




Orang Utan


Sleeping Cat


Which one is the animal?




Kangaroo Albino


Hermione- Lia's Cat


DEION-Rain's Dog

Rest In Peace, Baby