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Free sports chat rooms the best interactive free sports chat. Sports Chat is free and for sports fans around the world. Our free sports chat rooms are for all popular sports such as Soccer football , Rugby League , Rugby Union , Cricket , Hockey , American Football , Australian Football , Outdoor sports , Indoor Sports , Summer Sports , Winter sports , Athletics , Basketball , Swimming , Tennis. Golf , Martial Arts just a few of the free sports chat rooms that we host at the worlds biggest sports chat rooms. Sports clubs , sports professionals , sports federations , sports fan clubs for some of the following use our free sports chat rooms : boxing , sailing , gymnastics , rock climbing , motor bike racing , skiing , scuba diving, skating , wrestling , squash , self defence , karate , judo , king fu , body building , aerobics , fishing , fitness all in our free chat rooms. We have a world cup soccer chat room for the 2006 fifa world cup in germany. The fifa world cup chat room is free along with our other free sports and soccer chat rooms including : Bundes League soccer chat room , A-League chat room , Champions League chat room etc. The free sports chat rooms require no signup or registration. Our free sports chat rooms will always be free. We are the worlds number 1 provider of free chat rooms for sports. Our cricket chat rooms are popular in India , Australia , England uk , West Indies and South Africa. Our Soccer chat rooms are free as are our rugby chat rooms , soccer footbal free chat rooms , olympic chat rooms and our new world cup chat room for the germany world cup. is the worlds number 1 provider of free sports chat rooms.

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